Because of love, never care about their past!

Because of love, never care about their past!

Of course, some people love each other, but he still cares about the other party's past and is jealous, which sometimes leads to quarrels because of the past.

For me, sometimes I can not miss it! Because it is something that has come into our lives! Just look at what we do with all these things? Really?

As for the person I love, he has told me everything and I have nothing to be jealous of or care about his past. If all the past he did not hear from his mouth, I could think of some, but everything came out of his mouth and there was nothing to think about.

In each of our lives, who does not have a story of the past? Sometimes it is just a thing of the past, so do not have to think too much! It only hurts us! Learn to drop Well, everything will get better.

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