The Poor Young Boy and The Dog

The Poor Young Boy and The Dog


Mr Darick went to Sout Bombay (India) by taxi. he was enjoying the busy traffic with many people rushing in every possible direction. as he waited for the signal to turn green, he saw a poor young boy about 12 years old took apiece of bread  from his pocket and bit.

As the boy about to take another bit, there was a strange dog came and wagged his tail looking at the boy. He sat down and put the bread on the road for the dog to eat, but the dog just sniffed and walked a way.

the boy wait until  the dog was gone gone then he picked the bread up and ate.  Mr. Darrick's heart melted, and he want to talk to the boy's action, and he realised  that the boy had taught him that happiness sometimes consist of sharing and helping the other.

By Freezia

The story has been summarised from Dr. Darick posted in  Academic tip