20 brilliant illustrations that show daily life in a parallel universe

’Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe’ is a webcomic genre where all the fundamental rules, realities, and cause-and-effect relations are reversed. They usually take the form of comic strips, demonstrating some alien universe where everything is just the same... but exactly the opposite: cats are saving stray firemen, monsters are afraid of kids, and so on.

Bright Side invites you to imagine what it would be like to live in a parallel universe, far, far away.

What do sheep count when they can’t sleep?

Parallel Universe Cat heroically saves a pet human

Every deer’s dream — a fetching sweater with a human motif

Yeah, that would be way too spooky

Also, have you tried restarting it?

The X-Files

Mr. McFluffer, hold it still, I’m gonna try to get closer!

I wouldn’t mind living with this cat