23 Photos That Seem to Have Nothing Special at First Glance. Or, Wait

Despite the vast variety of unbelievable things we can find online these days, there are still some photos that can surprise us. For example, a multi-colored corn cob or a keychain ring that someone has been wearing for 22 years!

Bright Side collected 23 photos that prove that our planet is full of miracles.

23. The Australian Mary River turtle’s trademark is its unusual hairdo and a unique ability to breathe through its butt.

22. A giraffe that has dwarfism

21. This toilet has a special privacy button that covers the sound of your poop plops with ambient noises:

20. “When I was 5 y.o., I gave my dad a ‘ring’ made of just a keychain ring. 22 years later, and he’s still wearing it.”

19. A fantastic dandelion

18. Clear soda nozzles so you can tell if they’re cleaned regularly

17. Jupiter’s Aurora Polaris captured by the Hubble telescope

16. That’s what a multi-colored corn cob looks like:

15. This service dog has just given birth to 7 puppies right in the airport:

14. “My perfume looks like a mini window-cleaner bottle.”

13. A 700-year-old house in Iran

12. “Wanna dance?”

11. This laundry basket has the meanings of all the symbols on the care label:

10. “My employee forgot to close the bathroom window last night. Today, I met this baby hawk.”

9. A usual day in the London underground

8. “This 5-leaf clover I picked grew roots instead of dying after a few days.”

7. Extreme rest

6. Beautiful design

5. “An old lady in Vietnam gave us a boat ride and made a grasshopper out of palm leaves!”

4. “My battery has a charge port on it.”

3. Amazing graffiti with a depiction of the Greek gods

2. It’s not a gummy bear. It’s an Amber Amulet from 3,500 years ago.

1. “Go away, human! From now on, it’s my house!”

Which photo from this compilation seemed the most unusual to you? Share your thoughts with us!

Preview photo credit gzsihai, AFP/EAST NEWS